Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Owner Services


 As a member of the Daytona Realty Inc. family you can expect the following:


1.  Daytona Realty Inc. answers the phones 7 days a week and will show properties after 5:00pm and on weekends and holidays!

2. Each applicant over 18 years old must submit an application and pass Daytona Realty Inc.'s rental criteria.  We accept no felonies, prior evictions, or bad check charges in past 5 years.  We talk with prior landlords, check employment, perform a credit check, and background check to include criminal checks.

3.  Pre- Move Inspections of each property.  These inspections include photos and video taken of the interior and exterior of each property before a tenant moves in and after a tenant moves out. 

4.  Daytona Realty Inc. makes  periodic inspections of each property. 

5.  Daytona Realty Inc. advertises in The Pennysaver and other magazines as needed.  Each proeprty is listed on the Daytona Realty Inc. website with photos and a description of the property.  Each owner can also choose to place the property on the DABMLS and this will allow the property to be fed into numerous rental websites.

6.  Daytona Realty Inc. uses a special property management program to track all income and expenses for each unit the owner may own.  Each month the owner's receive a monthly statement showing income/expenses along with an owner's check.  At the end of each year the owner's receive an end of year statement along with a 1099.